Stargate: The Final Threat
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Stargate: The Final Threat is a German non-profit and no-budget amateur movie production based on the TV series "Stargate: SG-1". The production began in 2006 and finished two years later in March 2008. After more than 1,500 hours of work, the first bigger German Stargate fan film has been released and is available as a free download on this website.

The film, which runs 35 minutes, has been designed like a usual episode of Stargate: SG-1. In this movie, the SG-14 team takes center stage. They arrive on planet P4E-772 and can't return, because the DHD is missing. After exploring the area, they encounter another SG-14 team from an alternate reality. Together they have to fight a final battle against the Goa'uld threat, which tries to reassemble on this peaceful planet.

Among the movie itself and English subtitles, several bonus videos are available, which are: Making-Of, Teaser, Trailer, Outtakes (long and short version) and a Photoshow. There is also the full DVD available for download.

Downloads: (for the full downloads page in German click here)


The movie
in high quality (689 MB)
or low quality (157 MB)

The English subtitles
for the high quality version
or the low quality version

The Full DVD (4.19 GB)
Including German and English menus, chapter selection,
English subtitles and the movie with bonus material
in higher quality than the XViD versions.
Burn DVD image with your favourite burning software.
Download (does not work with Internet Explorer 7)

The DVD case
Label, cover and booklet for self-printing, available in
two color modes. Choose color mode which is compatible
with your favourite image printing software.
Download CMYK (Original, 8.5 MB)
Download RGB (If CMYK does not work, 5 MB)

Technical information for playing the videos:
  • Video: For playing the videos you need the current XViD codec.
    It is available from For the Flash streams you will need the
    Flash plugin for your browser, at least version 8.
  • Audio: The XViD files have a MP3 sound track, so you will need a
    MP3 codec, which is usually already installed on your system.
    For the Flash streams you will need the Flash plugin again.
  • Subtitles: If you downloaded the subtitles, you have to save them into
    the directory with the video (the name of the subtitles file has to be the
    same than the video name, except for the suffix). Then you have to activate
    them in your player (e.g. Media Player Classic or Video LAN Client) or use
    tools like DirectVobSub, to use the subtitles in any player.
Releasing the videos on external sites:
Attention! Direct linking to the downloads or releasing the videos on external sites
(this also includes video sites like YouTube, etc.) is explicitly prohibited!
We will get them removed. Of course, linking to the download page is allowed!

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